True or False: When you are self-employed it’s hard to get a loan

True or False:  When you are self-employed it’s hard to get a loan? FALSE! If you’re self-employed you’re going to LOVE this Client Success Story. This long time client watched her property go up in value in 2005, then, during the mortgage meltdown of 2008 her house wasn’t worth what she owed. During that time, […]

“Quote of the Week”

“Don’t Step over dollars to pick up pennies.” ~ Author unknown. Sometimes we do activities in our day or life where there is a very low payout for the activity (emotional or monetary), missing the opportunities for the greater payout. Do you find yourself going to 4 stores to get the best deals on groceries, […]

Mortgage Late Payments – Not Their Fault! How I fixed it!

Client has 2 mortgage late payments and credit score goes down 100 points. But Athena, I wasn’t late! Imagine my client’s shock when they found out that 2 of their rental property loans were 30 days past due, yet they have the loan on auto-pay.  Yes, it’s true. What they didn’t realize and didn’t see […]

Prime rate went UP, fixed rates went DOWN . . . What?

The biggest news this week was that the FOMC met on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen announced that they had voted to raise the Fed Funds rate by .25%.  We the public know that as the prime rate.  The markets felt great relief that they finally raised the rate, and that it was […]

Saved from a $40k mistake . . .

While this is not a mortgage, I am glad to say I saved one of my long- time clients about $40,000. This client came in to find out about buying an apartment building in Lomita that was a house with 4 units in the back.  We had determined that to retire in the South Bay, […]

Powerful Economic News this Week

Mortgage rates rise .125% to .25% on the expectation of the Fed raising the prime rate, and on the stronger than expected payroll numbers… The economic news this week was thin but powerful. ADP (the payroll processing company) employment report on Wednesday stated a private payroll jump to 298,000 jobs created , much higher than […]

Review: Note Investing Seminar 2017

As a real estate investor, I’m always eager to learn about new ways to increase my cash flow. This month, I attended the Note Investor Summit 2017. Watch my review and key takeaways!

Paying the Mortgage But Not Getting the Tax Write Off?

If you know someone who owns a home but has not transferred the property into their name, or doesn’t know how, and is frustrated because they’re not getting the tax write off, then this success story will brighten their day. Success story: Client has been living in her home for 10 years, inherited from her […]

Why the Fed Didn’t Raise Rates, and…

Another week of a little movement to the bad side and a little movement to the good side of rates leaves us flat… Next week JOBS JOBS JOBS could move rates… Monday was a holiday, so the markets were closed. Tuesday markets were quiet waiting for the Fed meeting minutes. On Wednesday, the Fed’s minutes […]

Rates are up and inflation could be too…

2 big days with 2 different outcomes.  On Tuesday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen in her annual speech before Congress, called the Humphrey Hawkins testimony on monetary policy, suggested that “waiting too much longer to raise rates would be unwise” (i.e. prime rate). This sent the markets reeling, as investors see this as negative for their […]