Loan Check List

loan checklistHere’s a quick checklist of all the financial documentation you will need for a successful loan approval.

Not everything will apply to you or your situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me today.

• 1 month of paystubs.
• 2 years federal tax returns with all attachments (W2s, K1s, 1099s, etc) (all pages).

• 2 months’ bank statements for checking, savings, 401ks, IRAs, anything with cash value (all pages).

• Social security award letter.

• Pension award letter.

• Mortgage billing statements on your house and all rentals.

• House insurance policy for your house and all rentals.

• Divorce decree.

• Child support court order.

• Bankruptcy filing and discharge.

• Picture ID.

• Social security card for FHA and VA loans only.

• Resident Alien card if applicable.

• DD214 if you are a veteran.

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