True or False:  When you are self-employed it’s hard to get a loan?

FALSE! If you’re self-employed you’re going to LOVE this Client Success Story.

This long time client watched her property go up in value in 2005, then, during the mortgage meltdown of 2008 her house wasn’t worth what she owed.

During that time, she took early retirement and started a business.

Now her house’s value is high enough to refi but her income tax records don’t show enough income to qualify. She also has $60,000 in credit card debt she needs to pay.

Her current mortgage is $3200 per month and credit cards are $1500 per month, plus a van payment for the business of $450 per month.

PROBLEM: Traditional banks will only lend on the income you show on your tax return.

Most business owners write off the expense of building the business, investing in new equipment, inventory, etc.

We have a program that lends on cash flow from your bank statements. Even business bank statements!

So we were able to pay off the 1st mortgage and give her $100k cash out to eliminate her bills.

Now the TOTAL payment is $2917.86! Yes! A savings of $2232.14 per month!

If you know anyone who is self-employed or a business owner and needs a mortgage please have them call me, I can probably HELP!