You are more than just a series of numbers on a page. You’re a person with a history and a vision for a creating a better life through property ownership.

Unfortunately, a typical lender doesn’t have the time or sometimes the experience to look past the numbers on your application.

That’s why having an experienced mortgage broker who will find you the most competitive loan rates, and who can help the underwriters see the “person” behind the credit history, marital status, or employment history, could be the difference between getting a loan and not getting a loan.

As your mortgage broker, financial advocate, and consultant I will work tirelessly to help you realize your financial goals.

Lending Services:

• Find you the most competitive loan rates.

• Help you with refinancing.

• Help you to evaluate the value of your home or the home you’d like to purchase.

• Connect you with the right professionals regarding the legal and tax implications of refinancing or purchasing property.

• Take the stress out of financing a loan by reviewing and packaging your loan request with my caring team of detail oriented professionals.

• Help you get a clear picture of what your current assets and liabilities are so you can secure your best loan.

• Match you with a loan that best fits your financial profile.

• Keep you organized, informed, and up-to-date throughout the loan process.

• Find financing for trusts, conservatorships, and other loans that your typical bank does not do.

Other Services I provide include:

• Pre-underwriting of private notes and hard money loans, or discounted notes

• Loan file or loan document review for lawsuits (divorce, BK, etc)

• Broker Price Opinions for estates and trusts

• Rental market analysis for financial plans

• Amortization analysis for financial plans

• Evaluation of notes for IRAs

For references in any category, feel free to contact us.

And that’s not all…

I also provide personal consulting and investment classes that will help you to make sense out of your financial situation whatever it may be. These services include:

• Helping you to get a clear financial picture by analyzing your tax returns, your W-2 forms, and other sources of current or potential income you may have.

• Teaching real estate investment classes for first time investors.

• Offering cash flow courses that will help you to flex your “investment muscle.”

• Consult with you about how to repair your credit and increase your credit score.

Buying a home or investment property isn’t just about making a transaction, it’s about people.

So, whether you are married, single, newly single, or retired and you’re eager to purchase property and/or improve your financial outlook then give me a call today at 310-218-6855 or email at

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