Let’s Get Started!

Buying a home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first time home buyer.

Here is a comprehensive check-list list and resource guide that will help to get you started on the path to property ownership.

1. Do some preliminary research. The best place to start is on the Home Buyer’s FAQ page. There you will find answers about PMI, Minimum Credit Scores, No-Cost Loans and so much more.

2. Gather your documents. If you’re not sure what you need, then visit our Loan Checklist page. There you’ll see a list of preliminary documents that you will need when applying for a home But don’t stress-out about getting every single one, this is just to get the ball rolling.

3. Come in for your free 90 minute consultation. Now that you have some or all of your documents, you probably have a ton of questions that you want to ask. So that’s the time to pick up the phone and give me a call. I will sort through all of your documents, get you in-touch with the right people, and help you understand the loan process.

4. Leave the consultation confident to buy your property. That’s right, after just one visit I promise that you’ll leave informed, relaxed, and confident about buying your new home. Even if your credit isn’t so great, we can develop a plan that will help you get started on the path of home ownership.

5. Get pre-qualified or pre-approved for your loan. This is an important step in buying your home. Essentially it lets your Realtor know how much you qualify for, and it lets the seller know that you’re serious about buying.

Being pre-qualified or pre-approved can make the difference between getting your dream property or not getting it.

6. Find a Realtor. Sometimes people are so anxious about buying a home that they find a Realtor before understanding their financial situation. This can lead to disappointment. So definitely come in for a consultation first. If you don’t have a Realtor I can help you find one that’s right for you.

7. Start looking. This is the fun part. Start looking for your new home. You’ve done all the work, and you have your documents in order. So let your Realtor do his or her job and help find you the perfect home.

8. Making the winning bid.  With all of the preliminary work done you are now a prime candidate to purchase your home. Make the right bid and you’ll be irresistible to the seller.

9. Enjoy your property. Viola! You did it. You’ve reached for the good life and now you’re living it.


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