Veteran who has been trying to refi for 4 months comes to a class for veterans and gets a great rate in 3 weeks!

He said that he had been overwhelmed with paperwork by a lender in San Diego. The lender had taken his loan application in June and was still “working on it” in August! The lender then offered a  4% 3- year fixed, which would have saved him only $50 per month.

So he decided to wait for interest rates to drop, when a veteran friend of his invited him to a VA financing class in late August.

Now he has a 3.25% 30-year fixed and $250 per month in savings! YEAH!

Yes, I love helping veterans. “I thought if I used my VA benefit before I couldn’t do it a 2nd time, Athena really came through and it was painless.”– Harry R.