Speaking of solutions… a woman called me this week who had been referred by her co-worker.

She had inherited her dad’s home and owed very little on the house. But over the last 4 years she had had an aggressive form of cancer and been off work.

She got behind on bills and had to get a private money loan. That loan was only good for 1 year at 12%, so she then had to get another loan.

Then her son was incarcerated and she paid legal fees to clear his name. In the last 4 years, she has always been behind the 8 ball and now owes 70k on her first loan, 20k + 30K + 20K in private loans, all at 12%.

Because she had been late several times on her mortgage trying to catch up, she couldn’t get a loan from her credit union or the banks she tried. And she was embarrassed but desperate.

She was afraid to lose the family home and not leave a legacy for her kids. Losing a $500,000 house with only $150,000 in loans against it would be devastating.

Her friend begged her to call me.

I’m glad to say that despite 15 mortgage late payments, we were able to combine all 4 mortgages, save her $700 per month and stop the never ending cycle of 1 year interest-only loans from private parties. Now that we cleaned up the situation, got her cash to fix up the house and a cushion for rainy days, she can breathe easy.

I love helping people save their home, their family home, and get peace of mind! And thanks for Paulette for being “pushy” with her friend and insisting she call me. Sometimes that’s what it takes.