This week I was able to help a client, who has been renting for 2 years, buy the house she is renting.

Her landlord was going to put it up for sale but offered it to her first. She thought she couldn’t qualify, and so told her landlord unfortunately she couldn’t take her up on it.

Her only source of income was rents from a commercial building.

She thought that because she didn’t have a job and a “steady paycheck” she would be turned down.

She hated to leave and have the expense of moving but figured a house of $380,000 was too much for her $3,853 income.

Her landlord, a longtime client and friend since 1998, told her to call me.

After reviewing her credit and income, she did have to put 20% down but now her PITI (principal and interest taxes and insurance = all in) is LOWER than her rent was. She was so shocked and happy.

With the in-law’s quarters in the back that she can rent out, she will be paying $1000 per month instead of $2200. YEAH – I love it when we can make people financially safer healthier and happier.

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