She was crying and hugging me when she left… a client signed loan docs today to finish up her refinance, something she never thought would happen.  She still had 5.5% from a mortgage from 6 years ago.

She also had $50,000 in debt, and her yearly salary is the same, $50,000. She also had no savings. She was feeling the pinch and was thinking she would have to sell her home.

She went to her “wagon wheel” bank and they told her she had excessive debt and could not help her. She told them that that was why she needed to refi. They still refused saying she could get in debt all over again.

She needed the cash to fix up her house and save $1200 per month by paying off the debt. I was able to help her do all that, and in less than 40 days. The look of relief on her face made my day. I also was happy that the 2 people who referred her were able to know that they did the right thing, and that their word was good  = that I do help people with all kinds of situations.