A couple is trying to refinance to drop their rate from 5% to 3.5% and pay off $70,000 in debt that they could barely sustain anymore.

They had been given a loan modification in 2008 because she had to leave her job due to illness and had to file for bankruptcy in 2009.

They had struggled all these years and finally had enough equity to refinance and get a clean start. They wanted to retire and finally start enjoying some travel and freedom, but couldn’t because of their finances.

Their brother the realtor said to go to Kinecta CU. After 3 weeks of being asked for one document after another and no answer on the actual loan approval, they called me.

In 24 hours, I had them approved and locked in. That’s because I do focused work and see the loan approval all the way through.

I don’t just throw the papers in a pile to be handled by 3 other people. My client couldn’t believe it. I said yes, it’s a real approval and we are ready to go. She was so relieved she said she wanted to cry.