6 years ago, a 25 year old man was dragged into my real estate investment class at TUSD.  He listened and learned.   A few months later he came in for his 90 minute free consultation.  He also played CASH Flow 101 a couple of times and had fun.

During the consultation and loan pre-approval that I gave him, he learned that he could buy a duplex for $500k.

1 year later he bought a duplex where his payments were $3000 per month and the rent from the 2nd unit was $1700 and he lived in the 2nd side of the duplex (his unit could rent for $1800).  When he moves out, it will be positive cash flow, BUT while he lives there with tax benefits, his expense is $900 per month.

1.5 years later, he decided he was ready for his next property.   He ended up buying out of state, investing $30,000, and getting $300 per month in cash flow. He is now onto his 3rd property.