One of my investor clients who got tired of bidding against all cash offers here in California came to me a few months ago and asked me for coaching on where to invest.

I shared an area of Florida that I am investing in. I also told her that she needed to know her numbers.

I then introduced her to my team in that area so she could be ready to go when she finds the property.

She came in for 3 coaching/mentoring sessions where we crunched numbers on income and expenses, and I showed her how to do due diligence once she thinks a property is a fit.

After sifting through 20 properties and making offers on 3 she finally got acceptance on a duplex for $130,000 with gross scheduled income of $1800. Now the fun begins: inspection, locking a great rate, and getting cash flow. 

If you know anyone who is looking to invest and wants coaching, have them give me a call. I love helping investors!