Success Story:

My client was tax delinquent and has to pay $9000 by March.  Scary.

This client had had some family emergencies, helped her daughter financially years ago, and let her tax bill slide for 3 years while she helped her daughter.  She thought she could catch up, but life had a different agenda for any of her extra cash.  Sound familiar?

Now 6 years later, the County of Los Angeles demanded payments of $9000 per 6 months on top of the regular tax bill of $3000 in order to not foreclose on her.  Yes, the amount grew into a huge debt because of the high penalty fees that accrued.

I was able to get her a refinance pay off her 1st mortgage, 2nd mortgage and the delinquent tax bill giving her room to breathe again and take the stress off of having to liquidate her retirement to pay this $38,000 debt.