A bankruptcy, a near foreclosure, and taxes not paid… a notice that the mortgage payment going up from $2300 to $3700 because the lender is forcing the “catch up”… this is how my first conversation went with my new client.

Wow! But there’s more…

Loan gets approved despite the mortgage being in foreclosure last summer. Yes, she has 12 months of on-time payments but the mortgage is still listed as being in bankruptcy (which took place in 2010 – 6 years ago).

We were able to convince the old lender to release the file from the bankruptcy department because the ONLY other choice was to reopen the bankruptcy in the courts which could take months.

Now, instead of having a 5.875% 30 year fixed and a mortgage payment of $3700, the client has a mortgage payment of $2000, and took out $30,000 to pay off bills.

The mortgage is now only in her name, so she will never have these nasty surprises or come so close to losing the house. On a teacher’s salary, this loan and the miracles and hard work that got us there saved her home of 20 years and gave her peace of mind. And yes, she has referred 2 other ladies who are in the same boat.

Don’t let a friend lose their house for lack of options. Let me help!