I love helping people find solutions! I had a young man come in to get qualified for a mortgage because he was about to inherit a home. Actually, he had already inherited it, had been living there, but when his mom passed away he was too young, too new on the job and didn’t make enough money to buy her home (10 years ago). He had been making the payment on the mortgage for the last 5 years. He thought he would have to sell this home (the home he grew up in) to buy out his dad’s and sister’s equity and take his portion to a new property.

So as I was running his number and qualifying him, I asked him why he doesn’t just pay out his dad and sister and keep the property, which needs updating, which he loves, and that way he can have a lower tax bill. This is one of the few stand-alone condos in Lomita, so it’s also a rare and great deal to keep it. He had no idea he could qualify since it was a stretch, but he was able to use his part of the equity to pay off debt and still have enough to payout out dad and sis. He’s happy they are happy, and I loved that I could find a solution and a healthier homeownership than his having to take $100k and find another home against all the other buyers.