Investor who missed the low rate by 1 day in 2012 finally gets a second chance and gets the rate she was waiting for.

In November 2012, rates went up .375% in a matter of days. My client was “thinking” about whether she should drop her rate from 5.375% down to 3.625%, and the rates jumped up while she was “thinking about it”.

She decided she needed 3.625% to make it worthwhile. Fast forward 4 years later, we were close but it wasn’t until Brexit pushed the rates even lower that I was given the opening to get her 3.5% (she decided to go NO POINTS at 3.75%) and save her $380 per month.  YEAH! Better CASH FLOW !! She’s a retired widow, and so this will allow her to do more things – and have bragging rights for such a low rate on her rental property.