It’s all about the cash flow… My client who is an attorney lost a major contract and was thinking that maybe not seeking another big contract and winding down sounded like a good idea… This after just 2 weeks off; can you relate??

So he called me to look at all his cash flow. We found that refinancing 3 of his properties would gain him $1000 more in cash flow, and that refinancing his house to eliminate another rental property mortgage would FREE UP another $1400 in cash flow and would have him set to retire.

He is 57 and can live off his cash savings until he can start drawing pension, social security and be able to withdraw from IRAs. YES!

He is able to retire early because of the LOW, LOW rates increasing his cash flow. I love helping people improve their financial health with lasting solutions.

If you haven’t made a plan to retire why wait? Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.