Economic News this Week: None! The Fed announcement gets a big yawn

The Fed announcement gets a big yawn, and the “weather” takes the blame for other poor numbers. On Tuesday we got housing starts that were down 0.8% and building permits were up 5.7%, which in the mix is mortgage interest rate neutral. That means not good news, not bad news, so no influence on rates. […]

Update on Florida: It’s the calm after the storm

It’s the calm after the storm – the hurricane to be exact. I was relieved that the 6 duplexes in Florida and 10 units in Pompano Beach are fine. My other clients’ properties (some wood construction) are fine as well. This is a lot like the three little pigs story where the wolf could blow […]

Success Story of the Week: How His Credit Went from 550 to 730

Lucky number 7? Let me tell you just how lucky that is and why it matters. A client was referred to me by his brother 7 years ago. He was ready to buy a home but his credit scores were 550 – hardly high enough to get a good rate. We spent some time to […]

This week, all eyes were on the storms hitting the South East.

This week, all eyes were on the storms hitting the South East. Very little weight was given to the economic data as some of the lower production numbers were blamed on Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. On Wednesday the August Producer Price Index was up less than expected at 0.2% the core rate was up 0.2%. […]

I Have 6 Duplexes in Florida. Here’s What Happened.

“Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.”–Dave Ramsey Success at anything – especially investing – comes in many forms. I’d like to share my most recent success, that, […]

The next big week for rates

Last Friday I did not send a newsletter out because I was in Paso Robles in 110 F heat. And it looks like I wasn’t the only one drying up on my trip. This week had one data point to move the markets and that was the Institute of Supply Management’s service sector Index for […]

Why cash is not always King

In the buying and selling process, it’s common to think that cash is king. But just because it’s been done doesn’t mean it’s always done that way. Sometimes being faster gets you the deal. We had a client 2 weeks ago that was bidding on a house against 2 other cash buyers. He was putting […]

An eclipse and flat rates? Here’s what happened

It was a slow economic newsweek this week. And despite the excitement over the eclipse, it didn’t give us lower rates. Even the news of July new homes sales numbers announced Wednesday had fallen 9.4%, still didn’t help the rates decrease at a noticeable level. Thursday existing home sales slumped 2.8% which also should have […]

Can an income property cost you money?

You have an investment property you naturally think that you’re making money. But the truth is, many people actually lose money by accident. As an investment advisor, I see many people mistakenly falling into the California (CA) bank trap. What’s a CA bank? It’s the rental property that you have in California that has now […]

Economic News this Week: This week we had a couple of market-moving numbers

This week we had a couple of market-moving numbers, but ended flat. When you watch the bond market like we do, it gets exciting and can foreshadow things to come, such as higher rates. Tuesday we had the July retail sales number coming in much stronger than expected at 0.6% – yeah summer spenders – […]