Economic News this Week: Bad News for Interest Rates

It was a busy week this week, even with the July 4th holiday and shortened market day the day before. On Monday, the Institute of Supply Management index for June was 57.8% versus last month’s 54.9%, considered a big jump, which means a more robust economy and possible increase in inflation with higher rates. On […]

Success Story of the Week: Getting laid off is harsh

Getting laid off is harsh, but getting laid off after age 50 challenges a family’s ability to keep their home. This couple was referred to me by a co-worker (who has done close to 10 loans with me over the last 18 years) because they were eyeball deep in debt. He was laid off 18 […]

My Top 10 Best Reads. Train Your Brain for Success!

Happy 4th of July weekend! Now that summer is officially in full swing, and perhaps you have a little extra time, you may be interested in creating a cash flow creation mindset. To help I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favorite reads from 2016 and the first half of 2017. One of my […]

Success Story of the Week: Unexpected Cash Flow is a Good Thing

Dorothy has been a client since 1998 when she bought her first duplex in Torrance for $170,000 (don’t cry). She called me to refinance as she has done over the years. She now owes $410,000, and the property is worth $850,000, maybe more. When she gave me the rental income numbers of $4150, I pointed […]

Economic news this week: Lots of news and but the needle didn’t move

Monday the Producer Price Index (PPI) for May was announced as unchanged. The Wednesday the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was announced as lower by 0.1%, and retail sales were down 0.3% (have you been reading about all the department stores closing? Brick and mortar stores losing against the Net but then again, Amazon is buying […]

Success story: I have known Claire for 20 years

She is a single woman, never married, and no kids. When I did her first home loan, she had a hard time finding anything she could afford on a librarian’s salary. It was 1995, and she knew she had to buy before prices were completely out of her range. However, the market was still soft […]

Success Story: How a 1031 Exchange Gave this Client HUGE Tax Savings.

I received a call last month from a client who wanted to sell her current rental property,  but did not want to purchase another rental property. So naturally the conversation turned to the tax savings of doing a 1031 exchange. Here are the numbers: The house she bought in the 1980s for $150,000 is now […]

Economic News This Week: It was a slow economic news week

On Monday the government revised their Q1 Productivity number to unchanged, from down 0.6%, and revised the labor costs down to 2.5% from 3.0%. As labor costs go up, we will either see inflation pressure (the price we pay on goods will go up) or a slow-down in production or possibly both. Stay tuned as […]