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I’ve been helping people get home loans since 1990. In that time I have helped people stay in their homes after divorce, first time buyers secure a home loan, retired couples purchase a vacation home, and new investors finance property.

In fact, 80% of my business comes from referrals by satisfied clients. Why? Because I work tirelessly to find you right loan, explain the process in plain English, and advocate on your behalf with the lenders.

So, whether you are a first time home buyer or investor, single or married, working or retired, you have questions and I have solutions.

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“The Financial Freedom is Within Your Reach!”

“I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us.”

Dave Ramsey

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Economic Update: The Shut Down

With the government shutdown, very little data is coming out, which is helping rates stay down. As you read in December, the stock market volatility gave us lower rates by 0.375%, then another 0.125% at the end of the year. It just now is hitting the news though it...

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Success Story: It’s All About What You Know

 A “No,” turns into “Yes”, and another future millionaire is created. Here’s how… Many of you have heard my recommended plan for building a portfolio of properties. First 4 units, then 4 more or 2 more in a better area, then a vacation condo that can be rented, then a...

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Economic News, January 6th 2019

Holiday Market Swings Explained Swings in the stock market over the holidays are normal as I warn every year. This year was no different. The holidays can either be quiet, or look like extreme turmoil in the financial markets, because of the few people that stick...

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Economic News January 13, 2019

This week we saw a rebound in the stock market, leaving the bond market alone at the dance. The quiet week in the economic data leaves little to sway the market back to their dance partner of last week. It wasn’t until Thursday that the weekly payroll numbers (usually...

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Quote of the Week

When times get tough, I think about what can never be taken away from me: my education, the stories of my past, my memories of friendship, and so on. As we begin this great New Year, my wish for you is that you too will learn, experience, and value the beautiful...

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Quote of the Week: Give, Give, Give

It’s the season of giving! And while you may give a lot of material things, please remember to give your full attention to everyone around you, express your thoughts carefully and authentically, and give people space and time to express themselves as well. If you do,...

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Quote of the Week: The Next Breath

Tom and I were in Rome celebrating my milestone birthday. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity. Especially when there were times I didn’t think I would survive to see another birthday.   I had a rough landing on the planet, and...

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