We have 10% down up to $1,250,000.  So IF your client:

  • • wants to write a non-contingent offer,
  • • wants to avoid the capital gains they would owe if they liquidated their stocks,
  • • or wants to maximize their tax write off,

THEN we have the program to solve these issues and make them a happy homeowner.

From the Patel Family: “Thank you, Athena, for finding us a home loan we can afford AND that made our $100,000 of hard earned money stretch. The bank told us we could only afford $500,000 with the money and left over cash reserves we had, and that just now would not get us into the neighborhood we wanted. We now have stopped wasting $4700 on rent and own our dream condo near the park in Santa Monica. Thank you for making our dream come true!