Jane was referred to me by her son to do a financial plan so she could see if she would be in good shape to retire in 7 years. After discussing the lifestyle she was aiming for, we discovered that she could buy a home – her first! – after 30 years of being a renter.

We created a plan so she would be able to stay in the South Bay, buy the new home now, and pay down the loan so that in retirement, she would have the house almost paid off.

Her rent is currently $2600 per month and she knew that in retirement, she would not be able to afford that. After going over the monthly payments and cash needed and getting her pre-approved for a loan, I referred her to one of my realtor partners. She put 50% down on a condo in a retirement community that has a strong activities schedule, pool, community room and so much more.

Now her total payment (PITI HOA) is $1700 per month. Based on her pension and Social Security, she not only can afford it now, she will be able to afford it once she retires while she keeps saving for retirement.

She just moved in and is so happy! Always remember, it’s never too late to buy a home as long as it fits in to the “big picture”.