Hello! Here is your weekend rate sheet for 10/18-10/19/2014.

Remember you can lock-in over the weekend. Call me at: 310-218-6855.

Your Weekend Rate Sheet:

Your buyer’s interest rates can be locked in over the weekend, so if you have a client who is close to having an accepted offer and is nervous about rates we can lock that interest rate in. Remember, we also have the float down: if rates improve more than .25% after lock-in and after full approval, your client gets the lower rate. All rates are quoted at a 45 day lock in and assume a 720 credit score with 20% down, except for FHA,VA and Jumbo.

Program Rate Cost
MULTI Family /apartment buildings 4.35%    7/1 arm 0 points
Conforming** 30 year fixed 3.673% 1 point
Conforming 15 year fixed 2.75% 1 point
Loan from $417,001 to $2,000,000  30 year fixed 3.844% 1 points
FHA under 417k 30 yr  3.425% Buyer will receive up to $4200 in credit.
FHA over 417k 30 yr fixed 3.658% Buyer will receive up to $6250 in credit
VA under $417,000 3.5% VA NO/NO
Conforming 5 year fixed 2.375% 1 point
JUMBO over $625,500 7/1 fixed/ARM 2.875% 1 point

** Conforming means loans under $417,000. Conventional means Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

1 point is 1% of the loan. Programs quoted as having 1 point also have the option of 0 points and the option of the 0 cost loan.

This rate sheet is intended for real estate professionals only and is not to be disseminated to the public as it does not meet federal disclosure law requirements.  All rates and programs subject to change without notice.

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