Here is some important information from John Garland, of South Bay Brokers Inc. regarding the new smoke detector laws.

You can download the forms here:

Smoke Detector, Water Heater and Carbon Monoxide Forms

Smoke Detectors Specifications Are Changing

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Most current smoke detectors do not meet the current requirement.  You NEED to know what I’m about tell you.

There are a number of changes.  For example, the battery must last 10-years!!  Another, the device itself must have a date of manufacture on it and an additional feature!

Potential catastrophic issues should you not comply:

1. If your personal residence suffers fire damage after 7/1/14 and your insurance company can prove your smoke detector did not meet the current law…..then what?

2.  If you own any residential income property I implore you to investigate and change out your smoke detectors to those matching the July 1, 2014 required standard.  In a fire at your rental, if an unscrupulous and/or careless tenant knows you did not comply and wishes to take advantage of this law it could cost you dearly.

Below are the forms you can use with your tenants to acknowledge the receipt of the Smoke Detector Statement of Compliance which describes the law. 

Indicate on this form the necessary units have been installed and have tenant sign it!  This form can also be used for Water Heater Compliance in the same fashion.  They must be properly strapped!

Additionally, and unchanged, is that carbon monoxide detectors are required on sale of residential property in California.  This also applies to landlord-tenant law.  Please make sure you provide carbon monoxide detectors (as well as smoke detectors) to your tenants.  The carbon monoxide detectors plug into an electric outlets.  The Carbon Monoxide Detector Notice form is above.   Indicate on this form the necessary units have been installed and have the tenant sign it!

I encourage you to check with your apartment association or real estate attorney to verify the above is accurate and for legal advice.

I hope you find this informative and helpful.

Smoke Detectors Specifications Are Changing

Smoke Detector, Water Heater and Carbon Monoxide Forms

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