Should I have my taxes and insurance in my mortgage payment?

I just received a property tax bill. Do I have to pay it or SHOULD I have my taxes and insurance in the monthly payment?

That’s a great question. Having your taxes and insurance in the mortgage payment and therefore collected by your mortgage company is called an ESCROW account or impound account. Get more information at Athena Paquette Mortgage Consulting.


The easiest way to find out if you have an escrow account or impound account is to look at the mortgage statement.


  • Your monthly mortgage bill usually has a breakdown of principal, interest tax insurance, and PMI. If you do not have an escrow account, then it will just indicate principal and interest breakdown.


  • If you do have an escrow account, there is usually a section or box on the statement that says “Escrow balance.”


Escrow balance is the savings account that is built up every month by your mortgage payment’s deposit for taxes insurance and PMI. For more information, contact Mortgage loans California.


  • Some mortgage statements also have an accounting on the back of the bill, indicating when taxes and insurance were paid.


If your monthly mortgage statement, or bill, doesn’t indicate all the things mentioned above,


you don’t get a bill at all – then you can call the company you make the payment to and ask.  

If you have an FHA or VA loan, then no doubt you have the taxes and insurance in the monthly payment because it’s mandatory with those programs. Learn more about  FHA / VA loans at Home loans in Torrance California.


Please also note, that in some states no matter what loan program you do, the escrow account is mandatory statewide. Contact me for more information about Mortgage payments or visit us at