Success Story: 

No job, no tax returns and payments are rising. 

What do you do when your life has been turned upside down by a sudden end to your marriage, you decide to move to a new state with no job lined up, tax returns show low income and therefore you can’t qualify. NOW  you get a notice that your HELOC is going up to $1000 per month.  

This is what happened to Joe. 

He didn’t know what to do but called to see if I could get him a new HELOC. 

I told him that a new HELOC even with his 800 scores would be expensive because of the large 1st mortgage, and the lack of income verification. 

I found instead a mortgage that uses just the rental income, with no demand for tax returns or a current job, just the fact that the property has solid income ($10,000 for a mortgage payment of $6000).

We were able to combine his 1st and 2nd mortgage gets $60,000 to wipe out the credit card debt and do an interest-only payment for the lowest rate until he decides to sell. He now has breathing room to start his new life 😊

If you know anyone who is getting a notice of a HELOC ballooning or an adjustable-rate mortgage resetting, please connect us since I might have a solution that makes their financial life way less stressful.