Yes! You can refinance with just 10% equity, in some cases 5% equity with no monthly PMI.
There are 4 ways to avoid PMI. Do our famous piggy-back loan where we give you one loan up to 80% of the value of the home and the rest on a second, or piggy back, loan. NO PMI.
Some people use this plan to avoid the jumbo loan interest rates.  Get a loan for the lowest rate at $625,500 and put the rest on a 2nd mortgage. We can do this all the way up to $1,250,000.
If you don’t like the idea of 2 loans, we have loans where the PMI fee is in the rate. Some call it tax advantaged PMI because instead of paying monthly .5% of the loan amount, you can pay it through the rate, making it a tax deduction.
Instead of getting 3.5% 30 year fixed, you would get 3.625%. Sweet!.
To read about the other 2 ways go to https://athenapaquette.com/homebuyer-faqs/ and look under “When can I get rid of PMI?”