Envision a pit crew for a top race car driver the day of the race coming around the corner and needing the car tweaked… that’s what it like when things have to happen fast for our clients.

At one time, I calculated that there are 66 people who are involved in helping a client buy a home, but there is a core of 7 that directs all that activity.

Problem: Clients have to get a loan approval with no conditions in 5 days, including appraisal, and we did it!

Our client (husband and mom) went into escrow on Wednesday the 11th,  Wednesday night I ordered the appraisal, locked in the rate and emailed the escrow company to get what we need first thing Thursday morning. They could not get in to sign the application until Friday the 13th.

Appraisal came in Monday the 16th and full approval by Fri 20th. Seller was going to cancel if we didn’t have the approval, and after 18 months of looking for a house that was near her daughters’ school and set up right for her mother to have living quarters, our client did not want to lose it.

With all the details and documentation that go into getting a clean loan approval, we were so glad to get her through the whole system in 6 working days, and save her from losing the “perfect house”.