Athen Apaquette

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I was a paper millionaire at 28 years old

I’m Athena Paquette, M.A. and I started investing in 1990, when I bought my first stock. I be- came what I call a “paper millionaire” at 28 years old; and if you’re a Robert Kiyosaki fan, I was out of the “rat race” at age 30.

Unlike other brokers, I have invested in multi-family, vacation condos, REITs, trust deeds, and more, therefor I have an insider’s view on what it takes to be a success as a real estate investor.

I believe that financial freedom is within everyone’s reach…if you have the right tools. This is why I host a blog-talk radio show, teach investment classes, host Cash FlowTM games, and take a lot of time nurturing my clients and their real estate portfolios. I help my clients find ways to grow their cash flow while protecting it for generations to come.

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