This week had a lot of data points but they were fairly benign compared to last week. Still the 30-year-fixed came and the FHA 30-year-fixed came down a little, but the rest of the rates stayed the same. 

On Tuesday the February CPI (consumer price index), one of the biggest data points watched by the markets, was up 0.2% with the “core rate up only 0.1%.

Wednesday we got the durable goods orders that went up 0.4% and if you exclude the transportation portion of those numbers you get a drop of 0.1%. 

Wednesday also gave us the PPI which up a mild 0.1% with the core rate up 0.1% that was so weak that it should have swayed rates lower. 

Thursday the weekly jobless claims were up 6000 which helped the bond market mood. And new home sales dropped in January by 7% also helpful to rates. 

Friday (today) February’s Industrial Production was up 0.1% which is weak, the Capacity Utilization came in at 78.2%, all yawners.